Bonus pass

Bonus pass effectively replaces the traditional prizes and gifts and is a great marketing tool designed to support various types of marketing and sales events. 

The most common use of the bonus pass to motivate distributors and sales representatives, encouraging clients and consumers to participate in promotional activities of the company.

Benefits for the Company:

  • a tool that will work out in a variety of incentive and loyalty programs,
  • Passes can be topped-up to any values,
  • increase efficiency and sales results,
  • no more mismatched awards – a rewarded himself chooses a gift,
  • Easy storage and distribution of passes between the Users,
  • short order processing time,
  • The value of the transferred rewards is a deductible cost for the company and is not burdened with security contribution.

Benefits for the User:

  • form of additional remuneration,
  • the possibility of multiple payment with the pass - any number of transactions in any amount,
  • Freedom of choice of the award in accordance with tastes and interests
  • No transaction fees charged to users of the passes,
  • motivate and increase the level of integration with the company,
  • satisfaction guarantee thanks to the possibility of choosing the products,
  • checking the balance online,
  • the possibility to use all available promotions offered by retail outlets.

To place an order, please fill out the form below. After sending e-mail or fax to the address indicated in the order / number you will get an accounting note for purchase of the passes.

After recording the payment in the bank account the passes will be delivered to you by courier to the given address within max. 3 working days with a note and VAT invoice for delivery, commission and other selected services.