Leisure Card BonCard VISA

Relaxed employee is an effective employee!

How best to provide employees with sports, how to take care of their health and beauty? With Leisure Card BonCard VISA, you can quickly and safely provide entertainment and health in one.

This is modern system of non-wage benefits with the most leisure and sporting facilities throughout the country.

Benefits for employer:

  • no more calculating and distributing the vouchers to the employees – every employee receives one card credited to any amount,
  • once passed to the employee card can be loaded multiple times,
  • easy operation and settlement by the human resources department,
  • guarantee that the employee uses the card as intended due to blockade of cash withdrawal from an ATM,
  • greater integration of employees with the company,
  • value of travel cards BonCard VISA transferred to the employees is a deductible cost for the company,
  • value of culture card BonCard VISA is exempt from personal income tax up to the amount of PLN 1000 per year if it is financed by the Social Fund.

Benefits for the employee:

  • acceptance of cards in thousands of outlets throughout the country - according to the industry i.e.: sports clubs, gyms, beauty salons, swimming pools, spa, fitness and related institutions,
  • a wide range of guaranteed services in the field of sport and recreation,
  • Numerous discounts for leisure cards users,
  • satisfaction guarantee with a choice of place and time of using the card,
  • no transaction fees,
  • possibility to check the balance of available funds on the card.

Check the rules and see the discounts:

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