Gift card BonCard VISA

Benefits for the employer:

  • Gift card can be topped-up multiple times at any time, for example on holidays, Industry celebrations, anniversaries,
  • no more calculating and distributing the vouchers to the employees – every employee receives one card credited to any amount,
  • depending on demand – cards can be with or without possibility of withdrawing cash,
  • Shipping only inactive cards,
  • Possibility of placing on the BonCard VISA cardscompany logo or your own card visualization,
  • the total value of the transferred to the employee funds from the Social Fund is not encumbered with social security contribution,
  • Cards are exempt from income tax from individuals to the amount of PLN 1000, if they are financed by the Social Fund.

Benefits for the employee:

  • Gift Card BonCard VISA can be used in all places accepting Visa Electron card transactions, that is in more than 240 000 retail and service outlets across the country and on the Internet,
  • unlimited choice of gifts according to your preferences,
  • no transaction fee,
  • Possibility to purchase at any value, spending each time exactly as much as we want to – up to the limit of the card,
  • full control over expenditure due to the possibility of checking the balance via the Hotline, the Internet, SMS and at ATMs.
  • numerous discount programs in thousands of stores throughout Poland – discounts up to 50%,
  • increased safety of using the gift card thanks to the unique PIN number,
  • possibility of canceling the card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Passing the prepaid BonCard cards from the Social Fund to eligible employees meets the exemption condition from income tax to the amount of 1000 zł.

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