Delegation Card BonCard VISA

In case in your company there are sales representatives and staff who often go away on business, and if you want to efficiently and effectively manage business expenses in the company at the same time by controlling necessarily use Delegation Card BonCard VISA. 

With the delegation card your employee will fill the car up, eat a delicious meal in a restaurant and after an exhausting day will use of the accommodation in any hotel.

Benefits for employer:

  • Possibility of multiple loading cards to any value and at any time,
  • safe form of transferring funds to the employees, instead of making advance payments in cash,
  • guarantee that the employee uses the card as intended due to blockade of cash withdrawal from an ATM,
  • reduction of an employee service cost,
  • savings in terms of accounting for employee expensessuch as costs of advance payments to the delegations,
  • Detailed control of even single purchases.

Benefits for the employee:

  • acceptance of cards in thousands of outlets throughout the country - according to the industry i.e.: gas stations, restaurants, hotels and related institutions,
  • Favorable discounts for users of delegation cards,
  • no transaction fees,
  • possibility to check the balance of available funds on the card.