Children Card BonCard VISA

Children Card BonCard VISA allows you to replace your gifts in the form of packages, by a practical and modern solution in form of a prepaid card. Parents and children can choose the gift that will be the most suitable.

Benefits for the employer:

  • Possibility of multiple loading cards to any value and at any time,
  • a safe and time saving form of transferring funds for your employees’ children instead of gift packages
  • guarantee that the employee uses the card as intended due to blockade of cash withdrawal from an ATM,
  • value of Children Card BonCard VISA is exempt from personal income tax up to the amount of PLN 1000 per year if it is financed by the Social Fund.

Benefits for the employee/child:

  • acceptance of cards in thousands of outlets throughout the country - according to the industry i.e.: stores selling children's shoe and clothing, toys, games, bookshops and also entertainment services, such as amusement parks, ZOOs, cinemas, museums, swimming pools, play halls and related institutions,
  • The most suitable gift that will be long remembered by children
  • Numerous discounts for leisure cards users,
  • no transaction fees,
  • possibility of canceling the card in case of lost or theft,