Bonus Card BonCard VISA

Bonus card BonCard VISA primarily is a universal tool for building motivation and loyalty in business.

Works well in programs aimed at a steady group of recipients and in promotions targeted at customers, business partners, but also in incentive programs directed at their own sales staff and consumers.

If you want to increase efficiency and sales performance in your company, give your contractors or steady customers, be sure to select BonCard VISA Bonus Card!

BonCard VISA Bonus Card can be used to organize:

  • Bonus sales – rewarding for purchasing a product or a service,
  • Competitions, thus to rewarding those who best performed the task,
  • Promotional lotteries that is games of chance, the outcome of which depends on chance,

Why bonus card is a perfect solution?

  • Cards can be topped-up to any values,
  • Easy storage and distribution of cards between the Users,
  • Each card is packaged in a separate envelope,
  • The ability of personalization of the card enabling to identify the card with the Company,
  • No more bad choices of the reward – a rewarded himself chooses a gift,
  • Cards are valid up to 36 months,
  • The value of the transferred rewards is a deductible cost for the company and is not burdened with insurance contribution.

Why do Users appreciate the cards so much?

  • The broadest acceptance network - more than 240 000 retail and service outlets accepting the card,
  • Freedom of choice of the award / award selection in accordance with tastes and interests,
  • Additional discounts for purchases with a card of up to 50%,
  • No transaction fees,
  • The possibility of withdrawing money from an ATM,
  • increased safety of using the gift card thanks to the unique PIN number.

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