BonCard Visa

Business Customers

Want to give a gift to an employee or business partner which will meet his or her various needs? Choose modernity, choose BonCard and give them gifts that they choose for themselves.

BonCard VISA is also convenient for you, orders are handled immediately, and you can also give a card restricted to a specific sector, thanks to a wide range of available types.

Give also promotions and discounts – paying with BonCard VISA you can count on a discount of up to 55%. Check!

Benefits for the employer:

  • The card can be recharged multiple times at any time, e.g. for further holidays, business celebrations, jubilees,
  • No more counting and distributing of plain paper vouchers between your employees – every employee receives one card topped up for any amount
  • depending on needs - cards with or without cash withdrawal,
  • only inactive cards are being shipped, which increases the security of delivery,
  • the total value of funds transferred from the Company Social Benefits Fund to the employee is not charged to ZUS,

Cards are exempt from personal income tax up to PLN 1000 if they are funded by the Company Social Benefits Fund.

Benefits for the employee:

  • pMore than 400,000 locations across the country where BonCard VISA cards can be used.*
  • unlimited choice of gifts according to the recipient's preferences
  • no transaction fee,
  • the possibility of shopping for any value, spending as much as you want - up to the card limit,
  • full control over expenses by checking balance via Hotline, Internet or ATMs,
  • discounts up to 55% on card payments,
  • the ability to report a card lost/stolen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* In the case of dedicated cards, the acceptance industry is narrowed down to the appropriate card type. You can find more information on where to realize each card in the description of each card.

You want to be original and pass your originality to your employees and business partners? Design your own card visualization or put your logo on it! **

** only applies to the obverse of the card.